I'm starting a podcast and I need your help!

Making serious disco faces with my teddy bear crew.

Making serious disco faces with my teddy bear crew.

I'm offering to write you a song on the subject of your choice... 

So here's the thing. For a long time now, I've been thinking about starting a podcast for families all about the music I make and the music I love. I've been looking for a way to engage with all the lovely people who enjoy my music, and also for an opportunity to challenge myself to write more songs and this felt like a really great way to do both. I've done a lot of thinking but now I need your help... 

Each episode I'm going to be asking one of you to challenge me to write a song on a subject of your choice. It can be anything you chose, from playing on the swings at the park to finding out that your dog can secretly fly. The only rule I've got is that I don't write songs about poo or bodily fluids (sorry). 

What you need to do...


To have a chance at being featured on the podcast all you need to do is:
1. Send me an audio recording of you requesting your song. You can do this on any smart phone just by using the audio recording app.  The recording should go something like this:

- [say your name nice and clearly]
- "Dear David, please could you write me a song about [whatever you'd like your song to be about!]

[Tell me why you would like the song to be written - for example it could be a song to help you get to sleep, or a song to play when your family are in the car and stuck in traffic]. 

2. Email your audio recording to me at info@davidgibb.com along with your name, age, name of a parent or guardian and, ideally, a contact telephone number. 

What happens then?

If your idea is picked, then I'll turn it into a song which will be featured on an episode of the podcast. I'll also send you a copy of the song and a David Gibb podcast badge (like a Blue Peter badge except that it won't get you into anywhere). Unfortunately I can't guarantee that all suggestions will definitely be made into a song, but I can guarantee that we'll listen every suggestion sent to us. 

When will I be able to listen this podcast?

The fan club out in force.

The fan club out in force.

The short answer is at some point this year. I want 2019 to be a year full of exciting things so I'm working really hard to make that a reality. I'm about to start recording my third album, I'm busy planning my next theatre show based on my music, and there's also something very exciting which I'm not allowed to talk about at the moment (isn't it annoying when people say that?). This podcast will be just one of a whole series of ways to engage with my songs and music. When it launches I'll be sure to let you all know so you can listen in!