Rolling Down The Road Song by Song - Track 1: Rolling Down The Road

Welcome to the first in a series of blog posts where I shed some light on the inspiration of each of the songs on my new album for families and children Rolling Down The Road. (Yes I’m aware that this first blog post is a contender for the ‘most ungainly blog post title award’).

Track 1 : Rolling Down The Road

I’m a big fan of title tracks for albums. I feel like they give the album a theme and a sense of identity and I knew early on I wanted to call the record Rolling Down The Road and that I wanted to have a big red bus on the front of the artwork.

So for my title track I decided to write as song about living life your own way and making sure that whatever you do, you do it your way and don’t try and please other people. I think so many things in children’s life are dictated and controlled by other people, and I wanted to try and write a song that encourages children to explore their creativity and independence.

One of my aims for this record was to be a bit more adventurous with the sounds I’m using, which is why you’ll those lovely gated 80s tom drums during the break down of this song, along with the counter rhythm on the Roland TR-808. Kudos also goes to Rob Newman, who produced the album with Rich Collins, for championing the epic (there’s not other word appropriate) sax solo half way through. It was played by Patsy Gamble who has featured on all my family albums and every time I hear it a big smile breaks on to my face.

I feel like the song is the perfect way to start the album and sets the tone nicely for what’s to come.

You can stream the album above via Spotify or you can order the physical version (and enjoy all the lovely artwork and liner notes) via my online shop below. If you get the special bundle it comes with all sorts of extra goodies!