Q&A with my friend Lucy Ward

Not entirely sure when or why this was taken, but I know I don’t own that t-shirt anymore…

Not entirely sure when or why this was taken, but I know I don’t own that t-shirt anymore…

I caught up with folk singer, songwriter and all round brilliant artist (as well as long time collaborator) Lucy Ward.

One of the special guests on my new album Rolling Down The Road is award winning folk singer Lucy Ward. Lucy also appeared on my first album singing guest vocals on the song There’s A Dragon In My Bedroom, even agreeing to dress up for the music video, something which I sometimes think she may have gone on to regret. However it can’t have scarred her too badly, as when I emailed her asking her if she’d be up for singing on this new album, she immediately said yes. Phew.

As I’ve known Lucy for over ten years and we’ve been involved in all sorts of musical collaborations together, I thought it’d be fun to ask her some (slightly) more serious questions about her music, songwriting and career. Enjoy!

1. What are your earliest memories of music as a child?

My house was full of instruments that no-one could play and stacks of vinyl that were always playing. There is no one specific memory but just a sense that it was always there and a part of my every day being. Once I was 4 or 5 I would ask to learn the words of my favourite songs (usually some Beatles or Bowie!) and would jump out from behind the sofa to perform the latest number I was loving! 

2. As a folk musician, what do you think is the role that folk music can have for children? 

Folk is music for the people and by the people, so it stands to reason that it will resonate with children as so many of the songs preserved were coined in playgrounds and living rooms. Lullabys, nonsense songs and beyond are all woven into the fabric of childhood and many of these are folk songs. 

David and Lucy performing together as part of the Mills and Chimneys project 2013.

David and Lucy performing together as part of the Mills and Chimneys project 2013.

3. How did you and David first meet and start playing music together?

We met through a mutual friend, folk musician Elly Lucas, whom I met after she saw an article about a young folky (me!) in the local rag and reached out as someone with a common interest. We all shared many a bill together as we were coming up through the scene and then an opportunity to join forces arose in the form of 'Mills and Chimneys: Songs For Derbyshire' project. 

4. Has your musical taste changed or been influenced by starting a family of your own?

Not really, I am keen for my toddler to hear everything and anything so we listen to lots of radio and varied music in our house; and of course lots of children's music too. We are always getting the instruments and jamming along. Surprisingly to me as it's a genre I've never got into, he loves dance and house music so though my tastes aren't changing, I'm trying not to enforce my preference for Joni Mitchell over Fatboy Slim on him!  

5. Are you working on anything exciting at the moment that you'd like to share?

I have written a folk ballet which premieres this summer by opening the main stage at the prestigious Cambridge Folk Festival. This new work was written in collaboration with a bunch of amazing women and choreographed by critically acclaimed Deborah Norris. It's based on a folk tale and has all of those scrumptious conventions both folk and ballet love, magic, intrigue, triumph over evil and such. We have created what we believe is a really enchanting, accessible and magical show for adults and children alike. We have plans to tour in 2020. 

And of course don’t forget that my NEW album Rolling Down The Road is also available to pre order. It’s out 23rd August and there’s a whole bus full of music for you and your family to enjoy together. All aboard!

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