Rolling Down The Road CD Album (pre order)

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DG RDTR packshot RGB.jpg

Rolling Down The Road CD Album (pre order)


All aboard! Rolling Down The Road is the new album for children and families from David Gibb. Join David on a musical journey through his hilarious and often surreal imagination, as he offers up a whole bus load of colourful characters.

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Whether it’s falling asleep at the zoo, building a tree house, looking for buried treasure, or the joy of riding on the top deck of a bus, David’s songs are filled with an infectious energy that will have children and their families singing along in no time at all.

Track listing:

1.     Rolling Down The Road

2.     Wiggly Woo

3.     The Thing About Bats

4.     I’m Gonna Eat You

5.     It Was The Middle Of The Night

6.     Sunflower

7.     Dance Little Baby

8.     Please Leave The Light On

9.     Buried Treasure

10. Riding On The Top Deck Of A Bus

11. Tree House

12. Floating Down The River

13. Long Green Grass

14. Little Bird

15. A Song For A Friend