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There’s a Dragon In My Bedroom - new music video!

Here’s the brand new music video for my song ‘There’s A Dragon In My Bedroom’ featuring myself and my Derbyshire compadre Lucy Ward prancing round a field being daft. Enjoy!

Brand new music video - From A to B

Here’s the very first video from my new chidren’s album ‘Letters Through Your Door’ featuring a guest vocal from the wonderful Blue Rose Code. I really hope you enjoy it! 

Sidmouth Primary School: Geo Songs

This weekend I drove down to Sidmouth in Devon to do some work with Sidmouth Primary School. I had been asked by Bev and Ray Langton who run the children’s festival for Sidmouth Folk Week to write a song with the children about the geological history of the area. Unfortunately my geology isn’t up to much, so an expert in the form of Roger Trend was called in. Roger is a fellow of Oxford University and now does a lot of work for Sidmouth Museum. Needless to say he knows his stuff. 

We had a great day with the children and they came up with some absolutely fantastic ideas for the song. After only a few hours work, we had finished the song and the children were able to perform it to their teacher. Big thanks to Roger, Bev and Ray, and Sidmouth Primary School! 

Here’s me (a midlander through and through) enjoying the novelty of being by the seaside!

‘Letters Through Your Door’ at: The Eden Project!

So last week I had the great honour of being asked to play at the Eden Project as part of their ‘Art Of Stories Week’. I had never been before and made the disastrous decision of wearing trousers a woolly jumper and big boots. Needless to say I was a bit warm.

Anyway, I was completely blown away by the whole place. I have to confess I had it in my head as just ‘a big dome full of plants and stuff’, but when I got there I realised it was soooo much more. Community venue, ice rink, music and arts venue to just name a few. Oh and there were indeed plenty of plants trees, birds, flowers, fruits and everything else there too! Downside was they gave me a name badge and lanyard which meant everyone thought I worked there and kept asking me what different plants were called, or where the nearest toilets were…

I was performing four times over the two days in the ‘Citrus Grove’. They set me up with a lapel mic (which made me feel like I was on GMTV) and a little speaker system and off I went. I played lots of the songs from my new album Letters Through Your Door and lots of lovely families sang along and joined in with all the singalong bits! Then with each group, we wrote a communal song altogether and performed it to the assembled audience. The song topics included:

  • A princess riding a tractor on the moon
  • Lizard flavour pizza
  • A pirate getting lost in the rain forest
  • Putting lemons in gin and tonic

Diverse to say the least….!

Huge thank yous to Gareth and Verity who set me up each day and showed me where I was going. I really encourage you if you get the time, to pay the Eden Project a visit. It’s a really special place, and I felt very privileged to be part of it, even just for a couple of days.

David x 😀

Letters Through Your Door: Recording Update #2

So another two weeks have gone by, which means I’m two weeks further ahead in recording my children’s album. So far the drums, percussion, bass, guitars, uke, brass, keyboards, piano (GRAND) and my vocals have all been recorded.

Here’s a picture of me recording the (GRAND) piano and looking nice and stately.


On top of all that two of the guest vocalists dropped by last week to add their talents to the album. First up was my good pal Lucy Ward. We hadn’t seen each other in ages so it was really lovely to have a good catch up and a natter. It goes without saying that lots of photos were taken and silly faces pulled. There was also some singing, though as always we spent more time mucking about about, which is how it should be.



A few days later the wonderful Jez Lowe (stripes and all) dropped by to record his guest vocal. I had a slightly surreal moment hearing someone that I’ve been a big fan of as a song writer for a long long time, singing one of my songs. It sounded fab and was just what the song needed. Thanks to Jez for giving his time up.


Finally (at least for this post…still lots more to come) I had the Little Big Horn section in to record the brass parts. I’ve always been a huge fan of brass in anything and I had been looking forward to this part of the recording for aggggges. The Little Big Horns are Patsy Gamble (sax), Steve Trigg (trumpet) and Andy Gilliams (trombone). I had worked with them previously a couple of years ago, so it was really lovely to see them again after so long. Needless to say it didn’t take much time for the dodgy jokes to start flying around, with much laughter and fun had.

We started on the group parts, and once they were all done, moved on to some really groovy solos. I always knew that it was important for this album to have a real mix of genres as well as a high level of musicianship and the Little Big Horn section couldn’t have fit the bill better. Thanks guys!



So that’s it for now. Next up is fiddle and melodeon, then banjo, and then a few more guest vocals, group vocals, and the odd bits of hand claps etc.

Keep a look out for my next update 😀