David Gibb is an award winning song writer and musician making music for families and children and of all ages. 

Dgibb .png

After several successful years playing on the UK folk scene, in 2014 David found himself frustrated at the lack of high quality music available for families. Inspired by the strong independent children’s music movement in America, he set himself the mission of writing an album of songs aimed at families, with quality, musicianship and song writing being the focus. The result was Letters Through Your Door, an album packed full of catchy toe-tapping songs guaranteed to get families around the country singing along. 

After an extensive tour of theatres, arts centres and festivals including an appearance in Brazil at the first ever Just So Brasil festival, David headed into the studio to record his second album for families Climb That Tree. Released in Autumn 2017, the album was met with critical acclaim, with Toddle About Magazine saying "the children love it – and I mean they LOVE it – but so do we, the parents." The album release was followed by another theatre tour, this time with generous support from Arts Council England, accompanied by a full band and a set piece in the form of magical tree, helping to bring an added sense of wonder and theatre to his already engaging performances.

David’s song writing draws from a wide range of musical influences, deftly blending folk, jazz, reggae and rock and roll, always with an emphasis on quality and musicianship reminiscent of the classics. Guaranteed to have both parents and children singing along in no time, this is music that the whole family can enjoy together

Some facts about David Gibb:

  • David has had his music played on BBC Radios 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6. One day he hopes to sneak his way onto Radio 5, but he hasn't quite worked out how yet.
  • David lives in Oxfordshire with his girlfriend Ellie and their cat Finnemore. His cat is named after radio comedian John Finnemore. David is unsure whether he would tell John Finnemore this if he ever met him. 
  • David likes most foods except for chocolate flavoured things, celery and beetroot. 
  • David doesn't really have a favourite band because there's too much wonderful music in the world, but he does think that anyone who says that they don't like The Beatles are either lying or insane. 
  • David is 6 foot 5 inches tall. Which is really quite tall. 
  • David grew up in Derbyshire and used to say he was the tallest person in Derbyshire. This was supposed to be a joke but he stopped saying it when people started printing it in newspapers and festival programmes...